Help us create a community of recovery for women coming home after incarceration. image

Help us create a community of recovery for women coming home after incarceration.

Re-entry after prison is tough. A helping hand and a welcoming and supportive community makes a huge difference. Be part of the solution!

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“Creating a Community for Recovery and Reentry for Women Coming out of Prison”

Dear Friends of Haven House,

With your help, Haven House has been open for three years on March 17, 2018!! Haven House has become a center to help all formerly incarcerated women living in Juneau, even those who do not live at Haven House. We ask for your help to continue this effort -- a unique, homegrown, community effort -- to create a place for recovery and reentry for women coming out of prison.

When a woman gets out of prison, she needs help the day she is released. As one woman wrote, "I've walked out of jail many times before with absolutely no support and no plans of what or where I was going to go." This time, she went to Haven House, "It was a relief when I walked in the door ….what I received was incredible and I am forever grateful for taking a chance because what I was met with was love and acceptance."

Haven House is the only recovery and reentry residence in Juneau. Residents at Haven House agree to participate in an active program to support their recovery and reeintegration into their community. This includes engaging in treatment plans, recovery meetings, job skills and career building, education, medical needs, relationship building, permanent housing, reunification with family and community, probation/parole requirements and other identified needs.

The results can be profound. One woman lived at Haven House for eight months. Her two children, age 4 and 6, were in State custody. She began to have visitation with them at Haven House. She was nervous at first, but Haven House provided a comfortable setting for the visits and a place where Alaska offfices of children services had approved. She was able to process her feelings with Haven House staff, peers and the other residents. Haven House staff helped her find permanent housing where she has since transitioned and has regained custody of her children!

The very first woman who ever contacted Haven House--even before it opened -- moved into Haven House after having spent 13 years in prison. She lived at Haven House for a little over six months. She worked hard on recovery in prison and at Haven House. Haven House staff helped her to find a permanent job: with the Department of Corrections!

When every day seems to bring news of the opioid crisis in our community and the skyrocketing costs of imprisonment (in Alaska about $60,000 per inmate per year). Haven House now has a track record of effectiveness. Staffed by women in recovery themselves, Haven House provides help and hope to women who had often lost hope. We charge rent, apply for grants, use volunteers but we still depend on donations from the community to pay for a substantial part of the cost of keeping our doors open.

An Alaska State legislator, Anchorage Rep. Chuck Kopp, recently said, "The most beautiful stories that are ever told among humankind are always stories of redemption. The orphan finding a family. The lost being found. The broken life restored. A wounded heart healed. . . . [A] man and a woman's life finding a way back." That is what Haven House is about -- helping women find a way back from imprisonment and the problems that led to imprisonment.

Please join us in this important work. We ask you to make a tax-deductible contribution to Haven House Juneau on this site or send a donation to PO Box 20875, Juneau, Alaska 99802. Also, feel free to call 907-988-SAFE any time with questions or offers of help.

With Gratitude,

Haven House Juneau Board of Directors and Staff

Click below and check out the 2017 film, "Inside Out: Leaving Prison Behind." It's a half-hour. It shows the experience of three people leaving Lemon Creek prison and one is a woman going to Haven House.